The Glendale Environmental Coalition stands in grief and solidarity with our Asian American and Pacific Islander members, neighbors, and communities in the face of increasing and senseless violent attacks perpetrated upon them throughout the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 in the United States. Specifically, we stand in solidarity, support, and sorrow for the eight victims of gun violence in the larger Atlanta area who were shot and killed on March 16, 2021.

We condemn prejudiced attitudes toward the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities that have led to actions of intimidation, injury, harm, and death. And we acknowledge and condemn the history of prejudice and discrimination against these communities in the United States. From abuses of Chinese people in the expansion of the West, to internments of Japanese Americans during World War II, to discrimination against other AAPI peoples who came to this country seeking a home, opportunity, and safety, systemic racism is a social and environmental justice issue.

We call on all members of our community to speak and act in ways that promote unity, respect, fairness, equity, and opportunity for all people who call Glendale home, and to work to make our community safe and our environment sustainable for all.


Photo by Jason Leung