The Glendale Environmental Coalition is pleased to partner with the Sierra Club, Verdugo Hills Chapter, to bring you a free four-part educational series on managing organic waste, landscapes, fire risk, and water use. Check out the topics and dates/times below:
Virtual Program Date and Time
Sunday, June 27, at 3 pm


4 Approaches to Composting, Which One Works Best for You?!

Are you composting curious? Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or house, learn 4 different ways to compost. Covers beginner approaches as well as tips for experienced composters. Information will include the discounted compost and worm bins available to Glendale residents, where to buy red wiggler worms locally, the new organic bins coming to homeowners, special tips for folks in condos/apartments, and places that will accept your food waste and even give you soil amendment in return! You do NOT have to be a gardener or have a garden to participate!


* Etienne Ozorak, Integrated Waste Superintendent of the City of Glendale
* Regina Wheeler, Recycling Coordinator of the City of Glendale Public Works Department Integrated Waste Management Division
* Gerald Mendoza, Public Works Assistant of the City of Glendale Public Works Department Integrated Waste Management Division
* Moderated by Monica Campagna, Franklin Elementary Campus Caretaker, Former Franklin Elementary Green Team Lead, GEC Steering Committee Member


Landscaping for Wildfire Prevention & Home Hardening

Maximize your wildfire protection. Learn about vegetation management and how to better protect your home and property from wildfires.

Speaker: Jeff Ragusa, Battalion Chief/Fire Marshal for the City of Glendale
Virtual Program Date and Time
Wednesday, July 14, at 6:30pm
Virtual Program Date and Time
Sunday, August 1, at 3pm


Go Green with Greywater: How to water your landscape with recycled household water

Learn about simple, affordable, and popular home greywater systems and how you can install one in your own yard and grow a beautiful landscape while conserving water.

Speaker: Laura Allen of Greywater Action

Laura Allen is a founding member of Greywater Action ( and has spent the past 15 years exploring low-tech, urban, sustainable water solutions for greywater (the relatively clean waste water from baths, sinks, washing machines, and other kitchen appliances). She is the lead author of Greywater, Green Landscape (2017) and other books on conserving and reusing water. She’s participated in state grey water code developments in California and Washington State and is on the technical advisory committee for IAPMO’s Water Efficiency Standard (We-Stand). Laura was the 2014 recipient of the Silicon Valley Water Conservation Award of Water Champion.

Moderated by Jack Walworth, Greywater Enthusiast, GEC Outreach Member


Transform Your Yard to a Residential Green Zone with the American Green Zone Alliance

Learn about the health and environmental dangers of gas-powered maintenance equipment, how to find a list of green landscapers or transition your landscapers away from gas to electric maintenance equipment, how to find rebates for transitioning to electric powered equipment, tips on reducing the use of chemicals, being water wise, mulching, composting, selecting regional native plant choices for your garden, and how to find landscaping companies that offer best practices for fertilizing, weed, and pest control.

Speaker: Dan Mabe of the American Green Zone Alliance

Dan Mabe is the Founder and President at American Green Zone Alliance ( AGZA educates the public and trains professionals on low impact maintenance operations, using electric instead of gas-powered equipment to reduce emissions and noise pollution, and non-toxic approaches to fertilizing and caring for lawns to reduce impacts on our planet.

Virtual Program Date and Time
Sunday, September 12, at 3pm