Glendale City Council Recap

June 29, 2021, 6PM

Interactive Agenda/Video:

Excerpts (Eco-Related Items):


    • Ara Najarian introduced METRO MICRO – an on demand ride share service that is now available in Glendale, for mini-trips around town. Residents can schedule a pickup 5:30 am – 9:30 pm via the Metro Micro APP, online at, or by calling 323-GO-METRO. The service area is most of Glendale up to Glendale Community College and down through Eagle Rock, and Highland Park. There is a special $1 introductory rate. LEARN MORE:


  • Dan Brotman requested a report on the plan to implement the conversion of the balance of city operated parks and public spaces from gas to electric landscaping equipment. The city has already transitioned 8 parks and properties, and has now set aside funding to transition all other parks and properties under city management. Furthermore, Brotman asked staff to provide a plan on how the city might move forward with a city-wide ban, recommending steps for a multi-year phase in. For example, should the city begin with larger properties and move on to smaller and what education will be needed? Council member Devine seconded this request.

LEARN MORE about this exciting transition from GAS to ELECTRIC Landscaping Equipment:


In a vote for pollinators, and humans who eat fruits and vegetables, City Council voted unanimously in favor of amending the city code to allow backyard beekeeping in residential zones and residential hillside zones. This item will come back in the form of a code amendment to be voted upon. The code will incorporate input from the Sustainability Commission, who voted unanimously in favor of recommending allowing residential beekeeping with certain requirements and rules, after reviewing best practices of various ordinances in other regions. They recommended a 2-hive per lot limit, with consideration of additional hives on lots over 10,000 sf, the requirement of a beekeeping training credential and several other specific suggestions regarding physical setup requirements. In addition, they recommended the city  look at the potential for beekeeping on multi-family lots and adding additional beekeeping opportunities on city-owned hill side lots, zoned SR. Currently, beekeeping is available at three apiaries on city properties, which all have long waiting lists. The presentation on this topic begins at 57:45 in the video below and includes discussion of resources available, proper hive registration and assistance provided by the LA Department of Agriculture on inspections regarding any complaints that might come in, though, as several callers mentioned, this is rare in other locations where backyard beekeeping is legal. You can read the city report, including incorporation of sustainability commission recommendations, here:



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