City Council Watch – March 2, 2021

Study Session – Status of Mobility Projects and Programs; 3c Appointment of Board and Commission Member (Kassakhian, 2/16/21) Rondi Werner, Sustainability Commission; 8b Status of the Slow Streets Program and Future Direction of the Program; 8e Glendale Water and Power, re: Progress on Glendale’s Clean Energy Future; 10a Environmental Preferable Purchasing Report

City Council Recap – February 16, 2021

Council unanimously approved the letter from City of Glendale opposing the proposed Griffith Park Tram. Mr. Najarian’s nomination to the Sustainability Commission, Haig Kartounian, was unanimously approved. Mr. Kassakhian nominated Rondi Werner to the Sustainability Commission (final nomination for this commission. If approved, the commission can begin to meet.)

Glendale City Council Recap – August 19, 2020

ECO-RELATED ITEM NOTES—AUGUST 19, 2020 MEETING Glendale Train Station First/Last Mile Regional Improvements Project: Councilmember Najarian, who is vice-chair on the Metro Board (Metro is providing a large portion of the funding for this project), offered some notes on this item. Our Glendale train station will be providing frequent service from Glendale to LA Union Station as well as north…