Eco Items on the Agenda
6 pm Regular City Council Meeting



d. Public Works, re: Award of Construction Contract for North Brand Boulevard Complete Streets Demonstration Project to Sterndahl Enterprises, LLC in the amount of $842,380 + 10% contingency.

e. Public Works, re: Resolution to Accept the Volkswagen Mitigation Trust Fund grant for three battery-electric buses (Beeline buses)


a. Glendale Water and Power, re: 2024 Integrated Resource Plan – REPORT/ RESOLUTION/ 2024 PROPOSED IRP
Resolution Adopting the 2024 Glendale Water and Power Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) in compliance with the requirements of California Senate Bill (SB) 350

POSITION ON ITEM 8A: GEC Opposes the Draft IRP

GEC supports City Council’s resolution from August, 2022 for 100% clean energy by 2035 with 10% rooftop solar and storage. GWP’s draft IRP proposes a 2045 plan, which is not 100% clean even in 2045 and also does not follow the resolution on 10% rooftop solar and storage. It is basically a plan to continue doing what Glendale has always done. We oppose this draft IRP and want Council to affirm its 2035 commitment and choose scenario 4, also called the STAG-1 scenario.

GEC’s Letter to Council re 8A:

Outcome: FAILED 3:2 (No: Asatryan, Brotman, Kassakhian; Aye: Devine, Najarian) With three votes, Council directed GWP to instead move forward with IRP Scenario 4, which plans to meet Council directed goal of 100% clean energy by 2035.



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