Eco Items on the Agenda
6 pm Regular City Council Meeting


8a. Community Services and Parks, re: Replacement of Gas-Powered Landscape Maintenance Equipment with Zero Emission Battery Powered Equipment for all Park Facilities in the City of Glendale to Achieve Green Zone Certification

Resolution establishing standardization of manufacturers, dispensing with competitive bidding and authorizing the Purchasing Administrator to issue a Purchase Order to B&M Lawn & Garden in the amount of $208,355.05 for the purchase of STIHL and Husqvarna brand battery operated landscape maintenance equipment (Report)

Outcome: Pass (4 votes yes. Councilmember Najarian was absent.)


According to the staff report, item 8a will result in approximately 63 tons of pollutant reductions to the Environmental Landscape Footprint (ELF) in Glendale annually as Parks Services exchanges gas powered equipment for zero-emission alternatives. Collaborating with American Green Zone Alliance, the City has determined the equipment that will best work for their needs and a vendor with whom to work to take advantage of over $138,000 in rebates from the South Coast Air Quality Management District. GEC thanks City Council, City Staff and our Parks Department for their commitment to transitioning to the use of emission-free equipment at all City-owned parks and public spaces.

8b. Public Works, re: North Brand Boulevard Complete Streets Demonstration Project

Resolution adopting the Plans and Specification for the North Brand Boulevard Complete Streets Demonstration Project, Specification No. 3942, Plan No. 1-3114; and directing the City Clerk to advertise for bids. Complete Streets Demonstration is for Brand between Glenoaks and Mountain. (Report

Outcome: Pass (4 votes yes. Councilmember Najarian was absent.)


Streetscapes that support bicycling, walking, and taking transit help address the climate crisis. This project in no way hinders vehicular access to and through the corridor but it will increase options for people to get around the neighborhood without a car. GEC thanks City Council for previously voting unanimously for a design that works for everyone and promotes alternative ways to get around the city and to do so safely. We urge support for the design as-is and we look forward to supporting the groundbreaking in September.

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