Glendale City Council Recap

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February 2, 2021, 6PM
EXCERPTS (Eco-related Items only)
City Council/Staff Comments:
  • Councilmember Brotman asked if there is a rule (aside from protecting certain protected trees) about cutting down mature shade trees on private property.  He asked staff to come back with a report on possible ideas for how to mitigate the effects of private property owners choosing to remove large shade trees. He noted he was not suggesting any rule that says a person can not cut down trees on their own property, but is looking for ways that other cities and perhaps our own have/can balance individual property rights and quality of life for the community at large. Council member Kassakhian suggested this item be rolled into the report he requested in the prior week’s meeting regarding our Urban Forest, which Councilmember Brotman agreed was a good idea.
  • Councilmember Najarian reported the Metro board has agreed to increase funding up to 8.4 million dollars for the final engineering and design work for the Doran St. crossing. This is one of the county’s most dangerous train crossings. It is used by Metrolink and Amtrak and is adjacent to a large propane storage facility and the 134 Freeway which train operators enter around a blind curve that passes under the freeway. Metro is designing a grade separation so cars won’t be crossing over San Fernando at the track level as they enter/leave Atwater. It will include a flyover and active transportation bridges for cyclists and pedestrians. When this is completed, it will be a quiet zone. Najarian noted that it is supported by the Pelanconi Association. He also mentioned that once completed, it will be the longest quiet zone in Los Angeles County. This quiet zone will join 4 quiet zones North of that area.
Ordinance Adoption:

Council member Brotman asked many questions about the ordinance last week, which he thanked Public Works for providing responses to. He asked what process should be taken to codify rules that would require future building codes to require the proper space for recycling/organics/landfill trash bin storage and organic waste disposal, including chutes. Staff will bring back an answer to that question in future and seek direction. Brotman also requested a bit more time in future to review the proposed ordinances related to SB 1383 (organic waste recycling and food waste reduction requirements.) so that any input would not delay action.

Ordinance motion was proposed by Devine, unanimously adopted.

Action Items(s):
  • Item 8a. Community Development, Request for letter opposing the proposed Griffith Park Tram

Motion authorizing the City Manager to prepare and send a letter in opposition to the Griffith Park Tram.

This item was originally requested by Councilmember Devine, in support of a Friends of Griffith Park request that the City of Glendale write a letter opposing an Aerial Tram project that would be installed in Griffith Park.  After the staff presentation, there were three callers, all in support of the letter against the tram:  Gerry Hans, President of Friends of Griffith Park and Glendale resident, David Eisenberg, President Verdugo Woodlands Chapter of the Sierra Club & GEC Steering Member, and Carol B., Board of Friends of Griffith Park and Glendale resident, who noted a very informative letter sent by the Center for Biological Diversity.

Council members were generally all in agreement that an Aerial Tram over Griffith Park is a bad idea; however there was discussion regarding how specific the letter should be in making opposition points and when the letter should be drafted. Final concurrence was that staff should draft the letter immediately, making specific opposition points, and bring it back to Council for a final vote before sending. All in favor. For council discussion on this item, please see the video beginning at approximately 34 minutes and 30 seconds.





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