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Eco-Items on the Agenda for 2/2/21:

Background on this item: 

This item is strongly supported by the Sierra Club. The Verdugo Hills Group and the Griffith Park Section have been active in opposing this proposed aerial tram in Griffith Park. From the Glendale Rancho Neighborhood Assn.: “The tram is opposed by many Griffith Park users, as noted in news stories, including hikers, equestrians, and other habitat, recreation, and historic advocates, and now by the Burbank City Council. It has long been criticized as an unnecessary and costly imposition on the historic park and its trails, habitat, and riding facilities such as the beloved Martinez Arena where the project would impact. It would traverse over the mountain from the Hollywood side to to a platform near the Hollywood sign, and near the L A River and said Martinez Arena, which is sited near the Mariposa “horse bridge” from Burbank/Glendale to the park’s trails. Gondola towers would be built on sensitive terrain, and the project would be visible in the sky above the peaceful park. It also runs contrary to the original mission of the Griffith family for the park’s features.”


GWP Commission Meeting Feb 1st @ 4 pm

Full agenda/Meeting Link: HERE

5a. Renewable Portfolio Standard, Clean Energy, and Power Content Label

5b. 4kv to 12 kv Conversation Program Update
5c. Grayson Energy Center CEQA Update
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