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Sustainability Commission

Items of Interest on the Agenda for Thursday, September 1, 2022

5:30 pm Meeting

Live Feed / Agenda & Supporting Documents:
Watch on YouTube (30 second delay):

1. Roll Call – 5:30 PM

2. Approval of Minutes

3. Board Member/ Staff Comments

4. Oral Communications

Discussion is limited to items within the jurisdiction of the Sustainability Commission. Each speaker is allowed 5 minutes. Sustainability Commission members may question or respond to the speaker, but there will be no debate or decision. The matter may be referred to staff for investigation and report.

5. Action Items

a. Amend Sustainability Commission Procedural Rules

1. Motion to Amend the Resolution of the Sustainability Commission of the City of Glendale, California, Adopting Procedural Rules, Article VI, Meeting and Agenda Procedure to include Land Acknowledgement.

b. Reach Codes – Building Electrification, Photovoltaic (PV), and Electric Vehicles (EV)

1. Motion that Sustainability Commission provide recommendations to City Council on options to be included in a reach code for Building Electrification, Photovoltaic (PV) and Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging to amend Title 24 of the California Building Code or adopt an amendment to the Glendale Municipal Code.

GEC SUPPORTS THESE REACH CODES! You can email in advance (by Wednesday), attend in person or call in to voice your support at (818) 937-8100.   Please consider emailing or calling in with your comments to encourage adoption of these reach codes, especially if you have already installed solar PV, purchased an EV, or switched to an electric appliance such as a heat pump water heater, heat pump HVAC, or induction range, and can share benefits based on your experience. The proposed ordinances are important to improve Glendale’s air quality and reduce the city’s climate impact. The staff proposal is strong, but should be expanded to include substantial remodels as well as new buildings. The proposal should not be weakened with exceptions.

Learn more about the reach codes and their many benefits, including: cost savings, resiliency, and reduction of local emissions, and give your feedback at the City’s Website where you can also RSVP to attend the next public workshop on September 8, 2022 at 6:00 – 7:30 PM.

6. Reports/ Information

a. Sustainability Commission Work Plan

b. Greywater Corp. Presentation

7. Sustainability Office Updates

8. Adjournment

Meeting Video (Cued to Electrification item):

Have a comment or opinion you want to share with the commission?

For public comments and questions during the meeting, call (818) 937-8100. Public comments on a specific agenda item will be taken when that agenda item is discussed. General comments are taken during Oral Communications (item 4).

Contact Board/Commission members:
(Forward or copy your emails to GEC if you like, we enjoy reading your perspectives:

Commissioners: Jennifer Pinkerton (Devine), Alek Bartrosouf (Brotman), Rondi Werner (Kassakhian), Haig Kartounian (Najarian)

Meeting Dates/Time: 1st Thursday, 5:30 pm

Note – Scheduling changes can and do occur. We try to keep this post updated if things change, but please consult the city website for official agendas.

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