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Sustainability Commission

Items of Interest on the Agenda for 11/4/2021

5:30 pm Meeting

Live Feed / Agenda:


a. Developing Building Electrification, Photovoltaic Infrastructure and EV Charging Reach Codes for the City of Glendale
1. Motion that City Council hire a consultant to assist the city in the preparation of a reach code include building electrification, photovoltaics systems, EV charging, battery storage and cool roof requirements.

b. Earth Day 2022 Action Plan
1. Motion for the Sustainability Commission to select a earth Day 2022 idea and direct staff to prepare an Earth Day action plan and report for the December 2, 2021 Sustainability Commission Meeting


a. Climate Action and Adaptation Plan Update
b. Sustainability Commission Work Plan Update

Want to comment on a Sustainability Commission agenda item?

For public comments and questions during the meeting, call (818) 937-8100. Public comments on a specific agenda item will be taken when that agenda item is discussed.
Contact Board/Commission members:
Commissioners: Aleen Laura Khanjian (Agajanian), Jennifer Pinkerton (Devine), Alek Bartrosouf (Brotman), Rondi Werner (Kassakhian), Haig Kartounian (Najarian)
Meeting Dates/Time: 1st Thursday, 5:30 pm

Note – Scheduling changes can and do occur. We try to keep this post updated if things change, but please consult the city website for official agendas.


The Grayson Repowering Project (which includes 93-101MW of new investments in gas burning equipment) Partially Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report (PR-DEIR) is open for public review until November 15. If you wish to submit a comment, send an e-mail to, with “Grayson Repowering Project PR-DEIR” in the subject line and consider copying the city council members. After this time, the Final EIR will go to various commissions for review, and then to City Council for approval/direction.

Most importantly, your comments are needed at City Council and to City Council and Commission Members. We will provide more information about how to submit comments closer to when the commissions and council will consider the project. The PR-DEIR is currently scheduled to come before City Council for approval on Tuesday, January 25, 2022.


An overview of the PR-DEIR will be presented in mid-January to the GWP Commission and the Sustainability Commission.
The PR-DEIR will be presented for approval to the City Council on Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Link to to Partially Recirculated Draft EIR:

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