Thanks in part to advocacy by the Glendale Environmental Coalition, Glendale City Council requested that GWP share regular updates with the public and council regarding Glendale’s CLEAN ENERGY efforts. The city began issuing these memos in December, 2020.  These are publicly shareable documents, and we will post them on our website as they become available.

March, 2021 Update (City Website)




In Brief:
(1) The Franklin Demand Response Program will launch enrollment April 5th, 2021.
(2) Lime Energy’s contract may be amended to include large customers (with council approval) and is estimated to launch May, 2021.
(3) Sunrun’s arrangement with GWP is novel. Discussions and a pre-certification request with the CA Energy Commission are in process to allow Category 1, Renewable Energy Credits for this program to go to Glendale. Sunrun will file a formal application for pre-certification of the program to confirm eligibility as a PCC1 eligible renewable resource. Once approved, the contract terms can be finalized. Pricing has been negotiated (info in report). All negotiations are projected to be complete by Summer, 2021.
(4) The Cost of Service Analysis is proceeding.
(5) The Civic Center Parking Garage structural engineering contract (to prep for future solar and possibly storage) is expected to be executed March, 2021.
(6) The Owner’s Engineering firm contract to develop plans and specifications for potential solar and storage on city-owned properties will come to council March 9 for consideration.
(7) Ascend Analytics’ “100% Clean by 2030” analysis is almost complete and will be presented at Council on March 30, 2021.


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