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Eco-Items on the Agenda for 1/19/21:


Item 3. The appointments will be voted on.
Appointment of Board and Commission Member (Kassakhian, 1/12/21)
Joel Peterson, Glendale Water and Power
Appointment of Board and Commission Member (Brotman, 1/12/21)
Alek Bartrosouf, Sustainability
Appointment of Board and Commission Member (Devine, 1/12/21)
Jennifer Pinkerton, Sustainability

  • Action Item 8a:
    Community Development, re: Potential initiation of a Glendale Municipal Code, 1995, amendment related to urban beekeeping in residential zones
    1. Motion to initiate code amendment related to urban beekeeping
    2. Motion to note and file report (REPORT)

    From Staff Report:


Resources for Research related to this item: 

Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association
Beekeepers Association of Southern California
Article on Urban Beekeeping Approval in LA
Los Angeles Urban Beekeeping Ordinance


The Urban Beekeeping item was initially requested by Councilwoman Devine in July 2020, with a second from Councilmember Kassakhian upon requests from local residents. Kassakhian has noted his desire to do all we can to stop bee colony collapse, which he says is a serious ecological threat to our planet. In the video below, we are cued to where Councilmember Devine originally brought the request to consider a zone change to permit backyard beekeeping here in Glendale:



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Mayor Vrej Agajanian:
Ara Najarian:
Paula Devine:
Ardy Kassakhian:
Dan Brotman:

Note – Scheduling changes can and do occur. We try to keep this post updated if things change, but please consult the city website for official agendas.


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