Glendale Environmental Coalition is pleased to announce its endorsed candidates for Glendale City Council in the March 5, 2024 election: Ardy Kassakhian and Karen Kwak.

GEC endorses Ardy Kassakhian for a second term on the city council because of his track record of bringing forward and supporting environmental, climate and governance initiatives. Councilmember Khassakhian proposed the resolution to achieve 10% solar and storage on Glendale rooftops by 2027, supported the city-wide bans on polystyrene and gas blowers and recently voted to direct GWP to integrate Council’s Clean Energy by 2035 Resolution into its energy planning document. In his answers to our queries, he was specific and thoughtful in responses, including about how to get Glendale to 100% clean energy, how to deal with plastic pollution, and how to improve local transportation and increase pedestrian and bicycle safety. We urge Glendale voters to re-elect Ardy Kassakhian to Glendale City Council.

GEC endorses Karen Kwak for a seat on the city council because of her commitment to representing the interests of renters and those living in South Glendale, an environmentally impacted area of our city. She is a tireless advocate for clean energy, especially for expanding access to low-cost solar and storage energy solutions to renters. She is also a voice for safe and convenient local transit options. Her answers to our queries showed awareness of the needs in our neighborhoods and determination to get good energy, environmental, waste, and transportation plans implemented. She has been an active member of our coalition since its beginning in 2017 and works with other environmental groups as well. We urge voters to elect Karen Kwak to Glendale City Council!

We thank the other city council candidates, Vrej Agajanian and Vartan Gharpetian, who responded to our endorsement questionnaire.

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