Glendale 2021/22 Budget – Funded Sustainability Programs

In the original budget study session proposal, Glendale’s Measure S fund allocation for various sustainability initiatives was in the realm of 1.5%. After input from GEC steering members and requests from Glendale City Councilmembers, allocations increased considerably. GEC thanks Glendale City Council for their unanimous support of the adoption of approximately 10% of Measure S funding for sustainability related projects! These projects will benefit the entire Glendale Community and leave the City of Glendale in a better position to both mitigate the effects of climate change and reduce our impacts. The following is a wrap up of funded projects, from Measure S funding, GWP Public Benefits funds, General Funds and grant programs:

  1. Climate Action Plan (Consultant Funding) – $320,000 (Measure S Funds)
  2. Bicycle Transportation Plan Update (Consultant Funding) – $125,000 (Measure S Funds)
  3. Electric Landscaping Equipment for ALL City Parks and Properties plus related infrastructure upgrades – $550,000 (Measure S Funds, may be reduced with South Coast Air Quality Management District rebates.)
  4. Pedestrian & Bike Lane Projects Implementation – $1,000,000 (Measure S Funds), plus, as the City uses the $4,500,000 allocated from Measure S funding for road repaving, Public Works will focus on projects incorporated in the Pedestrian plan FIRST that also match high priority re-paving needs. The $27 Million in upgrades/features recommended by the Pedestrian Plan will begin to be addressed in this budget cycle.
  5. Street Art Projects (an element of the Pedestrian Plan to slow traffic with painted crosswalks, painted traffic circles, painted foldouts etc.) – $400,000 (Measure S Funds)
  6. Pedestrian & Bicycle Restriping – $50,000 (Measure S Funds) plus $50,000 (Capital Improvements Budget)
  7. Capitol Improvements to Mitigate Urban Heat Island Effect – For urban heat island impact mitigation efforts, including to expand our Urban Tree Canopy, prioritizing high need areas such as South Glendale, and to improve maintenance, so that we are adding rather than losing trees as we have been. $800,000 (Measure S Funds)
  8. Funding for Park Space Acquisition in South Glendale – $1 million more added to South Glendale parks fund, which previously contained $1 million from the last budget cycle, for acquisition of new park space in South Glendale. (Measure S Funds) Note: the cost of park space will be in the tens of millions of dollars, and require other funding sources, including grant funds.
  9. Assistant for Sustainability Manager David Jones (New Hire) – In the whole budget, this was the ONLY authorized position addition (due to the City’s ongoing hiring freeze.) Previously vacated City positions are beginning to be filled. (General Funds Budget)
  10. Four Electric Bee Line Buses to be purchased this year. Note: formally this money was for CNG buses (Measure M Funding)
  11. Fleet Electrification Plan (Consultant Funding) – Glendale is issuing an RFP for a consultant to craft a plan that will set a target date for full fleet electrification with concrete goals and timeline. (Grant funds and general budget funds.)
  12. GWP Public Benefit Programs (program break out below and view programs presentation here)
  13. GWP Low Carbon Fuel Standard Programs (program break out below and view programs presentation here)
GWP Public Benefit Programs (Estimated Program Budgets)


Glendale Cares – Low Income Programs:
Low Income Bill Discounts ($2,328,000)
Helping Hand Program ($25,000)
Guardian Program ($80,000)
Back on Track Program ($2,000,000)

Energy Saving Programs:
Smart Home Energy and Water Savings Upgrades ($400,000)
Business Energy Solutions ($250,000)
Online Store for Energy and Water Efficiency Measures ($50,000)
Smart Home Rebates ($186,000)
Home Energy Reports ($620,000)
Tree Power ($60,000)
In School Conservation Education ($60,000)

Solar Programs:
Solar Solutions – Residential – Phasing out > June 30 ($175,000)
Large Business Solar & Battery Storage Program ($800,000)
Solar Schools ($50,000)

Modernization Programs:
Residential Battery Storage Program ($100,000)
Peak Time of Use Energy Monitor ($95,000)
L2L (Laundry to Landscape) Greywater Projects Rebate ($15,000)
Smart Home Displays / Smart Thermostat Program ($216,000)


GWP Low Carbon Fuel Standard Programs (Transportation Electrification)


    • Electric Vehicle (EV) Level II Charger Rebates for residential & commercial ($325,000)
    • Bring Your Own Charger Program – agree to off-peak charging, verified by smart meter ($394,400)
    • Clean Fuel Rewards Program – plug-in electric & electric hybrid lease/sale ($500,000)
    • Web-based Customer EV Awareness Platform – setup & maintenance ($64,000)
    • 1 Solar Powered ARC EV Autonomous Renewal Charger – transportable, solar-powered EV charging station for mobile emergency prep and energy resiliency ($80,000)
    • Electric Bookmobile for City Library ($100,000)
    • Expanded GWP Charging Infrastructure – Charging Stations throughout Glendale ($500.000)

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