At GEC’s Stop Gas at Grayson Again Feb 6 rally, 153 people wrote messages to give to City Council before its February 15 meeting and vote.

GEC delivered the stack of comments – 114 from Glendale residents, 39 from people who attended from outside Glendale – to City Hall for council members to review before their Tuesday meeting.

Here are some excerpts from various neighborhoods in Glendale (names redacted):

“We are facing an unprecedented species-threatening crisis. We do not have time for compromise solutions – we need to switch to 100% carbon neutral power generation.”
– Adams Hill
“The future of energy (and humanity) is sustainability and renewability. Fossil fuels are the past and not sustainable or renewable….Our future, and Glendale’s future, depends on sustainable and renewable approaches to everything!”
– Woodbury
“Let’s make a clean break from the tech that’s gotten us into the Climate Crisis, and say “no” to investments in gas.”
– Tropico
“Do not rebuild Grayson – look into innovative, environmentally friendly solutions.”
– Glenoaks Canyon
“No new gas! I’m worried for our children.”
– Montecito Park
“Gas is more $, worse for our people, and hurts our climate.”
– Citrus Grove
“Don’t spend more $$ on a dying tech. Think long term and $$ for renewable tech.”
– Citrus Grove
“GWP’s overly conservative estimates of power requirements are too high, I believe. Please vote “no” on repowering Grayson.”
– Crescenta Highlands Glendale Annex
“Burning gas leads to global warming.”
– El Miradero
“We must have clean energy NOW! We can do this.”
– Northwest Glendale
“Vote NO on the Grayson Power Plant expansion. This is our planet. We have to keep it beautiful and liveable.”
– Rossmoyne
“Please vote NO on the Grayson Power Plant. Efforts can be better spent on renewable energy sources for cleaner and healthier alternatives.”
– Americana at Brand Downtown Glendale
“Please do not approve the repowering plan for Grayson. $200+ million would be better spent on expanding renewable, clean sources of electric power. Thank you for your support of green energy for Glendale.”
– Verdugo Woodlands
“No more dirty energy that will be obsolete in a decade, maybe even sooner. Invest in clean energy and encourage and support residents who invest in solar energy.”
– Riverside Rancho
“Do not make the mistake of building a new gas power plant in our city!”
– South Glendale
“Glendale can be a leader in the push for a new energy paradigm. Somebody has to lead. Why not our city?”
– Verdugo Viejo
“We urge Glendale city council to keep its promise and invest in clean green energy NOW, and prevent this costly, unnecessary and damaging investment in gas.”
– Brockmont
“My students and my children deserve investments in their future that involve green energy. Just use batteries instead, combining with commercial and residential solar!”
– Chevy Chase Canyon

Above Photographs of GEC’s Stop Gas At Grayson Again Rally by GEC Member David Dowell




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on Tuesday, February 15

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