Glendale City Council Recap

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January 26, 2021, 6PM
EXCERPTS (Eco-related Items only)
  • Mayor Agajanian’s nomination of Aleen Laura Khanjian to the Sustainability Commission was unanimously approved.
    Aleen Lasursa Khanjian was described by the mayor as being an attorney who currently practices in the City of Glendale. The qualifications she listed on her application reference her involvement in serving as general counsel to “a large solar company” and she took the opportunity to speak and thank the council for her nomination and expressed her desire to assist the council in navigating the renewable sector. Here is a LINK  to Ms. Khanjian’s application.
City Council/Staff Comments:
  • Councilmember Brotman brought up single use plastics with regards to the “Skip The Stuff” ordinance being proposed by LA County. This ordinance would require food delivery operators to only offer single-use plastic upon request. Mr. Brotman requested that Council agendize this topic and look to adopt a similar policy. View Supervisor Kuehl’s proposal for Los Angeles County.
Action Items(s):

The objectives of the amendments are to perform a general overhaul of Practices and Nomenclature, create consistency with State Regulations (Cal Recycle Model Ordinance) and to create continuity with City’s Zero Waste Action Plan.

Councilmember Brotman had a question regarding multi family properties being exempt from separating food waste. His understanding is that this is permitted per the state rules, but that tighter restrictions may be put in place on the local level. Mr. Brotman requested the Glendale ordinance include multi family properties by default, and offer exemptions when there isn’t the physical space available to comply. Brotman asks that Mr. Lanzafame be consulted on where planning stands on requiring the implementation of physical building infrastructure to accommodate future recycling requirements. Brotman also noted that he had additional comments that would be submitted in writing.




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