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Eco Items on the Agenda
6 pm Regular City Council Meeting



c. Public Works, re: Award of Construction Contract for the Permeable Alley Projects – REPORT

Motion to accept the grant award and award a construction contract to Toro Enterprises, Inc. in the amount of $8,345,145, approving a 10 percent contract contingency in the amount of $834,515, and authorizing the City Manager or a designee to execute the contract
Resolution of appropriation to appropriate funds in the amount of $9,179,660 for the Permeable Alley Project

g. Public Works, re: San Fernando Road Beautification Project Phase I, Adopt Plans and Specification – REPORT

Resolution adopting the Plans and Specification for the San Fernando Road Beautification Project Phase I, Specification No. 3973, Plan Nos. 1-3121, 18-117, 49-262, 50-712, 50-713, 50-714, and 50-715; and directing the City Clerk to Advertise for Bids


b. Glendale Water and Power, re: Ordinance Establishing Electric Rates and Charges for Electric Services provided by Glendale Water and Power Department for Fiscal Years 2023-2024 through 2027-2028 (Devine, 11/14/23) – REPORT


a. Community Development, re: Formation of a Project Development Team for Vision Zero Action Plan (VZAP) – REPORT

Motion directing staff to request the Transportation & Parking Commission and the Sustainability Commission to each select a Commissioner to serve as ad hoc members of the City’s newly created VZAP Project Development Team


c. Glendale Water and Power, re: Glendale Care Program Electric Bill Discount Adjustment – REPORT

Resolution adjusting Glendale Water & Power’s Glendale Care Program benefit from the current rate of $17.50 to $20.50 effective January 1, 2024, to $23.50 effective July 1, 2024, and to $26.50 effective July 1, 2025, in alignment with the proposed electric rate increases outlined in the Electric Rates Cost of Service Analysis (COSA)





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