The Glendale Environmental Coalition (GEC) is a grassroots organization that was founded to advocate for a future built on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy storage, and against the “business as usual” approach that called for a half-billion-dollar expansion of the Grayson Power Plant. Our successful campaign halted Glendale’s plan to invest in what would have been the last new gas plant project in California, and will result in reduced costs and increased energy reliability. GEC’s mission has expanded to fostering a sustainable environment for all. Glendale, like all cities, is facing multiple environmental challenges and therefore needs elected officials who understand the need to craft energy, development, transportation, housing, and solid-waste policies that will protect our air, land, and water in a fiscally responsible manner.

GEC invited all candidates for Glendale City Council to respond to a questionnaire reflecting GEC’s concerns about environmental and climate issues relevant to the City of Glendale. Based on the results, GEC is endorsing three candidates for Glendale City Council.

GEC endorses Dan Brotman, GEC’s co-founder, a GCC professor, economist, and activist, for Glendale City Council. As a direct result of Dan’s initiative and the collaborations he pursued, the City has shifted course on its energy future. GEC knows that Dan will continue to prioritize the environment, work to create long-term sustainability processes, and ensure follow-through and implementation.

GEC also endorses candidates Paula Devine because of her vote to pause the Grayson repowering process and her understanding of current environmental issues, and Ardy Kassakhian for his recommendations for environmental action.


This press release was not authorized by any candidate or a candidate-controlled committee. GEC is dedicated to informing and educating the community. We invite you to join us.