The City of Glendale has launched a website to promote the Verdugo Wash Visioning study. We hope that GEC members will explore the website to learn a bit more about this exciting project and then TAKE THE SURVEY to offer your input! The Verdugo Wash project touches 18 neighborhoods in Glendale and will be a defining feature of our city!


“The Verdugo Wash Visioning is an opportunity to embrace and advance an urban design experience that will create memorability and recognition as a ‘must visit’ urban experience.


Imagine a linear park energizing the existing urban framework and fabric of Glendale with seamless connections and visually pleasing experiences. A reimagined Verdugo Wash, transformative in character, creating a 9.4-mile long linear park and nature trail for walking/cycling with access to business and entertainment venues while enjoying nature, people, places, and culture as it interweaves several important city centers, services, and a multitude of neighborhoods that make up a large core of Glendale.”