GWP has proposed to build a 12 MW power-generating facility at the Scholl Canyon Landfill, to burn biogas produced by the landfill. In July, GWP released a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for this project, and accepted public comments on the report through September 30, 2020.

GEC submitted a comment letter, which addresses the DEIR and highlights GEC’s top concerns about the project, including these points:

    • Glendale must prioritize minimizing environmental impacts from the landfill gas at Scholl Canyon. Glendale should identify and implement practices for handling the landfill gas that will minimize to the greatest extent possible its harmful environmental, climate, and health impacts.
    • The city should commission a more thorough and searching study of alternatives to the proposed biogas power plant. Based on current information, GEC is most interested in the potential of Alternative 2 or the rejected fuel-cell alternative to reduce impacts from the landfill gas compared to the other alternatives presented. But the information provided in the DEIR is insufficient to allow for a fully informed decision about potential better ways to minimize environmental impacts. GEC asks for additional information, including relative costs and environmental benefits and harms of the alternatives already identified and other potentially less harmful alternatives.
    • GEC requests that the city release the Final EIR for public review at least 45 days before it is presented to the Planning Commission or any other commission or governmental body, to allow a full opportunity for public participation in this decision that is crucial to our community.
    • Glendale Water and Power should immediately install new, more efficient, flares that reduce harmful emissions no matter which alternative is selected.
    • GEC is opposed to any alternative that shifts the environmental impact burden from Scholl Canyon to Grayson and urges a solution that works for the entire city of Glendale and its neighbors.


Several other organizations and officials, including the Coalition for Scholl Landfill Alternatives, the Los Angeles Department of Sanitation, CD 14 Councilmember Kevin de León, and the  East Area Progressive Democrats have submitted comments regarding the proposed Scholl Canyon power plant. You can read more in this article from the Boulevard Sentinel.