The day has finally arrived! The Sunrun Virtual Power Plant is coming to Council for a vote on FEB 8.

The Sunrun Virtual Power Plant project, first selected from a 2018 Request for Clean Energy Proposals, is coming to council for final approval on Tuesday, February 8, 2022, after over two years of contract negotiations.  The goal is 3,000-4,000 single-family homes and 30-40 multi-family buildings contributing solar power and stored energy via batteries in a coordinated fashion to the grid when most needed. Whether you are interested in joining the VPP yourself or not, please send our City Councilmembers a quick email of support and let them know that THIS Is the type of project you want to see more of! (Feel free to elaborate about how this is the kind of project you would like to see more of versus new investments in gas burning equipment.)

Please email our City Council:

Mayor Devine and Councilmembers Agajanian, Brotman, Kassakhian and Najarian

You can watch the 6 PM meeting here: HERE

This is an example of a forward thinking, ground breaking clean energy project that can bring great pride to Glendale and our utility.

BRAVO Glendale City Council, GWP and Sunrun on this one!  Our Virtual Power Plant will possibly be the largest of its kind in the country, with 25.25 MW of stored energy for use on Glendale’s grid to serve load after dark and during peak need, by year four. This is exactly the kind of local, clean energy solar and storage project that will help us run our city with carbon free energy, and that will add more points of resiliency to our grid and help reduce power outages.

This is a way for RESIDENTS to be part of the solution.

If you do not already have solar, and wish you could, and also wish you could magically have a backup battery connected to that solar for use in case of any power outages, then please pay attention! From our understanding (and we will post official details when they are available) the way this will work, Sunrun will evaluate your roof top and take care of installing the solar if your home has good solar potential. They own it and the solar power. They will add a backup battery. They own that too. In return, you get a monthly bill credit, you contribute clean energy to the grid and to power your home, and you have use of the backup battery in the event of a power outage, for continual use until the grid is back up. The battery fills with the sun, so as long as you only use the essentials, and as long as the sun comes up, you are going to have power day after day. Usually, our local grid outages are almost always short in duration and caused by some kind of local issue. In that case, your battery would kick on right when you need it and serve your load immediately. And meanwhile, with no outlay of money on your part, you will be part of the clean energy solution!

You will help us avoid costly gas plants and make it easier to begin to retire fossil fuel usage as time goes by.  Your stored energy will be combined with that from 3-4,000 other homes in Glendale and used to power the city after dark. You will be making a very real contribution to solving the climate emergency.

Interested for your home or your building’s rooftop? You can learn more on our webpage, and you can also add your name so we can give you a way to OPT IN to contact from Sunrun to connect with you if/when the program gets up and running. Over 350 people have expressed interest so far!

Curious how this works? Here is a short video.


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