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Update – Item Postponed! Sep 14—Item 4A: Clean Energy Programs (GWP Commission Special Meeting, 4pm)
Please see details below.

Sep 15—Item 8B: Resolution recognizing the City’s history as a former “Sundown Town” (City Council, 6 pm)
GEC has signed onto a letter of support. You may sign on here as an individual:

Sep 22—(1) Solar on Commercial Buildings; (2) Clean Energy Programs  (City Council, 6pm)

Sep 29Prop 15: Schools & Communities First (City Council, 6pm)

Please note: Schedules are always subject to change. Sometimes items do get re-scheduled. We will post changes if the agenda is updated.

Item Details:

UPDATE Item Postponed – Sep 14 – GWP will present a report on the Clean Energy Programs @ GWP Commission. There is NO written report available before the meeting as of  Sunday evening, Sep 13. We cannot provide comments on the report (and GEC steering will be making the point that the Commissioners also cannot do due diligence themselves if they do not have the report in a timely manner before the meeting and there is a motion presented. There does appear to be a motion, but the proposed motion’s language isn’t posted with the agenda, as it usually would be.  We would strongly request GEC members to call in to make any of these or your own points:

(a) express support of the clean energy programs; 

(b) request GWP act with a sense of urgency. Implement these programs quickly and put staff resources behind them.

(c) request GWP should keep the focus on the clean energy programs (vs. building new gas); 

(d) GWP should solicit NEW clean energy proposals (open up another round of “request for proposals”), and 

(e) any other points you might want to make, including the connection between the climate catastrophe unfolding in front of us at this very moment, and the need to stay focused on reducing our CO2 emissions in Glendale by transitioning to a clean energy grid with urgency.


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