UPDATE: GWP Commission heard a report on the first three clean energy projects (see details below) and discussed additional clean energy strategies moving forward. The outcome is a motion that will be presented next to City Council. It went through some amending and landed as follows:

Motion recommending to the City Council and the City Manager to move forward expeditiously with all three programs on a full scale basis for a 12-month period; direct staff to negotiate either a termination provision or modification to the program structure if necessary based upon the COSA or the initial program results; for GWP staff to report back to the GWP commission and city council twelve months after initiation of the program; to direct staff to look at the next phases of the clean energy programs and to proceed with the COSA.

Motion made by Commissioner Flanigan, seconded by Commissioner Jazmadarian and unanimous vote.
NEXT STEPS: Now on to City Council for a vote and any modifications or amendments, currently scheduled for: OCTOBER 13th at 6 pm


Thursday, September 24 @ 4pm at a Special GWP Commission Meeting—GWP will present an UPDATE ON THE CLEAN ENERGY PROJECTS that GEC has long advocated for as a substitute for investments in fossil fuels at the Grayson Power Plant. These local projects are KEY to building local capacity that will replace the need for new gas-burning equipment at Grayson. A preview of the report is available now, attached to the agenda.

Originally, four programs were greenlighted. There are currently three: (1) Residential and Commercial Demand Response and Smart Thermostat Program and Online Marketplace offered by Franklin Energy Services, LLC; (2) Commercial Direct Install Energy Efficiency Program offered by Lime Energy Services Co.; and (3) Single-Family and Multi-Family Residential Virtual Power Plant offered by Sunrun, Inc.

GEC is also aware of a new RFP seeking an Owner’s Engineer for Solar + Storage Development of City of Glendale Properties and Distributed Energy Resources Penetration Impact Studies and two city-sited solar/battery storage projects at Firehouse 24 and the Civic Center Parking Structure. These items are not part of this report.

All of this is positive, and GEC supports moving forward, with urgency and the staff resources required, to get all of these programs up and running as quickly as possible.

CALL TO ACTION: Per GWP’s report, the clean energy project update and accompanying motion are currently scheduled to come to City Council on October 13, at 6 p.m (note: schedules can and do shift). We will update you with any new information that comes out of this Thursday’s meeting, and we hope you can participate in the City Council meeting to express your support for moving forward with these and additional clean energy projects.

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