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Eco Items on the Agenda
6 pm Regular City Council Meeting



b. Presentation by the Pasadena Humane Society on Wildlife/Coyote Management Plan Report


b. Public Works, re: Award of a Professional Services Agreement for the Update of the Fleet Electrification Study
1. Motion awarding a Professional Services Agreement to Center for Transportation and the Environment for $102,200 for the Update to the Glendale Fleet Electrification Study


b. Public Works, re: Introduction of Ordinance for Public and Private Indigenous Tree Protections – Report

1. Ordinance amending portions of Chapter 12.40 and 12.44 of the Glendale Municipal Code to update standards and enforcement mechanisms for public and indigenous tree protection
2. Ordinance amending portions of Titles 16 and 30 of the Glendale Municipal Code regarding tree-related zoning provisions
Resolution establishing and modifying administrative citation fines in the Citywide Fee Schedule for enforcement of the public tree and indigenous tree ordinances
3. Resolution of Appropriation for Outreach Services

GEC POSITION on Item 8b:
GEC urges City Council to adopt the changes to the ordinance but to continue striving to:

  • Implement the Sustainability Commission’s recommended changes to the ordinance to better protect mature trees.
  • Include education of Glendale residents about the value of trees as capital assets for their properties and neighborhoods.
  • Look more closely at our neighbors, La Cañada, Pasadena, San Marino, even L.A. These cities all protect more species and have stronger regulations.
  • Empower other Public Works staff to do more tree protection during permitting and inspections to reduce the load on the Urban Forest Department.Read our full letter here:



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Note – Scheduling changes can and do occur. We try to keep this post updated if things change, but please consult the city website for official agendas.

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